What do you do here?
The #1 thing we do at INKY’S is refilling inkjet printer cartridges. We can refill nearly any cartridge for about half the price of buying a new name-brand one. But that's just part of the story! We know what you really want to do is print, so in addition to refilling cartridges, our store offers a variety of replacement cartridges including pre-filled cartridges, generic-brand cartridges, as well as brand new name-brand ones.
In addition we also offer a wide variety of replacement laser toner cartridges at a great savings over most retail stores.
Can my cartridge be refilled?
Do refilled cartridges explode?
Do I have an inkjet or laser toner cartridge?
Will refilling void my warranty?
Are the colors the same with a refill?
Will refilling damage my printer?
How long will a refilled cartridge last?
What guarantee do I have that it will work?
How many times can I refill my cartridge?
What printer should I buy?