Don't let your ink cartridges dry out!

Regardless of brand, all inkjet cartridges have one thing in common - they all use liquid ink, and can dry out if left unused for too long. When an ink cartridge dries out, the ink doesn’t evaporate completely; some of the chemicals and dyes which make up the ink are left behind and can harden into a residue not unlike shoe polish. As you can imagine, this doesn't help the printer one bit!
To avoid this problem, bring your cartridges in to be refilled as soon as they run empty. You should also avoid storing your cartridge in extremely hot or cold places like on your car dash, or in the fridge.
Allowing a cartridge to dry out can affect the volume of ink that it will accept when it is refilled. The foam inside an ink cartridge has two different states relating to ink: it can be hydrophilic or hydrophobic. When the foam is slightly wet, it is hydrophilic; this means that it will easily absorb and hold any ink that is put into it. When the foam is allowed to dry out it becomes hydrophobic, and it will tend to repel any ink that is put into the cartridge. Cartridges containing hydrophobic foam can be very difficult to refill, and may not perform as well as cartridges that are refilled before they dry out.
Leaving your ink cartridge in an extremely hot place like on your dashboard will cause the ink in the cartridge to heat up and expand - resulting in leaking which can cause a big mess.
Don't Run On Empty!
Don't Touch Electronics!